Success Stories


Unconditional Love in Maui!

I divorced after 26 years of marriage, sold my home (in 3 days, an example of the flow of the Universe in action) and moved to Maui Oct. 22nd....a lot of magic and miracles happen in the course of this year from  April to  December guiding me to Maui.  All of the magic has occurred due to the Conscious Dating Network.
In April, a man from your site who lives on Maui contacted me and we started to communicate.....he told me that since I was a Reiki Master and into alternative medicine and healing that I should...

Instant Connection!

From my end, the story is very simple.  I'm enjoying a wonderful relationship with the person I met right away on the site.  I know it took him a couple of tries with other ladies until I came along. 

I got tired of the conventional dating scene and naturally turned to the Internet for an alternative.  I've never had trouble meeting guys, but when you meet people randomly, you first experience attraction, and then you realize just how little you have in common and waste a lot of emotional energy trying to make things work anyway. 


Soul Mate Found!

Hi there, support team...

Please note: I have already notified you that I wish to withdraw my presence on your website, as recently I've been fortunate to find my soul-mate through Spiritual Singles. Please kindly confirm you have received this message and that my details will no longer appear here.

My best wishes and with many thanks,


Most Wonderful Woman!

I have met the most wonderful woman here, well beyond anything I would have dared ask for!  Your site is most fine, full of such wonderful people. I wish the best of luck to all in their search, may you experience the fullness and success that I have.

Man of my dreams

Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to meet the man of my dreams. Thank you for providing such quality service at an affordable price. You have enabled me to find my true partner in this life time.

Thank you.
Sincerely yours,

One in a Trillion!

Dear Jill:

Happy 2010!  I hope this year will bring you an uplifting, wonderful, healthy, prosperous, and full of sunshine  moments!!

I enjoyed very much reading your beautiful messages, seems that you are a lovely human being doing a wonderful service, uniting people in love and spirit, through your site.

I'm very fortunate, that through your site, I'd found my twin soulmate, and really was like a miracle for me!  He is such an incredible, beautiful soul; he is one in a trillion!

Wishing you the Best of the Best,...

I found my Goddess!

I have such a HUGE "Thank You!!!" to give you. In my opinion you have created the best spiritual based dating service on the net. I have met a total of 6 wonderful Goddesses and found them all be true to their profiles. They are all dear friends to this day and one amazing Goddess has become my Beloved! The beautiful Goddess I am sharing this divine relationship with is an answer to my prayers. We are dancing together in a love I only dreamed of experiencing with a partner. Our souls connect in that deepest place were God lives. I am the biggest promoter of your site as a result...

From Canada to Hawaii

Thank you for bringing us together... Although she lives in Canada right now and I live in Hawaii, we have become very connected...seems like we have always known each other. We will be meeting (in the flesh) and she will be moving to Paradise!! So, thank you so much for being there for us. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you!


Found my mate!

Hi I just wanted you to know that I found my man thru your service. Thank you. Teresa (Gentleone3)

Twin Souls--Sweden & USA

I am happy to tell you I have found my twin soul. We will meet for New Year's! I live in Sweden and my mate in USA. The attraction is amazing and it is possible to meet online. 
I feel grateful.
Thank you!
Love and light

So Happy!

Hi, I meet someone via someone I met on your site!! I am so happy! Thanks so much for connecting us all! Terri

Put the energy out!

Hi!! Well, I think I have met "the one" and so its time for me to unsubscribe from your incredible site. I wish I could say I met him on-line and yet I know that putting together my profile let the Universe know that I am available. So, using your site definitely helped. With appreciation, Kimberly

Focus on Spiritual Realization

It was great coming to a conscious dating site --the only site I know of that has a focus on spiritual realization. After replying to several ads with no real match, two months ago a charming, very compatible and most attractive woman answered my ad. We have been dating exclusively. The beauty is that from the start, we already could easily relate to each others "divine" interests, because your site had provided this unique online forum for us to meet. I especially like the search capabilities, the extensive information available on members, and this service even keeps track of...

Wedding Bells

Thanks for bringing my sweetie and I together via your site. We have a wedding date set for this winter and for once in life I didn´t try to ´make´ something happen. Thanks again.

Namaste´, Bruce

I met the ONE!!

It is with a full heart and incessant smile, that I write to you today. Yes, the wondrous happens! We have been drawn together in the Light and Love of the One indescribable. Deepest appreciation for this avenue of seeking... Thank you for the avenue that has led the One to me! Brightest blessings to all seekers!

From Website to Wedding Bells

From website to wedding bells!!! I know, I know, if we didn´t actually create it would be hard to believe. We wanted to write to share our story with you because it really is a very special one (everyone thinks their story is special, right!!). From someone who has been very consciously own my path of discovery for years, that true spiritual connection was the one thing that was always missing in relationships. To me, if you are not growing spiritually with your partner, the relationship will not succeed. I put up my profile and had a few responses over some time,...

Soulful dating service works!

Dear friends; I want to send a heartfelt message to you thanking you for your website. In a short time, I have met a perspective soul mate through this soulful dating service, and I am very grateful to you. This man has become my friend and I enjoy his company more than anything! I hope others have found the same joy!

I found him!!

Thank you for your support and the correspondence we shared. I am pleased to say that i have met my "him" and we are embarking on our walk of life together. Hugs to you all and best wishes!

Lisa Australia


Aloha, I just wanted to take a moment and express what a truly wonderful service you are providing. I had a very meaningful, transformative email friendship with one member who was instrumental in bringing great changes to my life, and now I am at the beginning of a relationship with another member. Both of these connections have been very fulfilling spiritually and very "guided." I feel your service makes it possible for people to receive support, teachings, and share their experiences on the path, as well as complete karmic contracts without necessarily having to travel and...

Waiting Forever!

I have met my soul mate, the one I have been waiting for forever!!! And it is all thanks to you! When you did the free time as a holiday gift I sent an email and we have been going back and forth with emails and phones calls for hours. And now we are meeting.

Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!