Success Stories


Love of my life!

Dear Conscious Dating Network,
Please delete my profile. I have met the love of my life and I found him on your site!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Denmark with love

Dear Joy,

Thank you for writing to me. Yes, I have found a spiritual match with someone from your site. 

He is a wonderful man and I am truly grateful to your website and you for having found him, whom I feel and hope is a soul match. Right now I am with him in Denmark having a wonderful time being with him for the last three weeks. Please continue your good work. I shall be grateful if you would kindly remove my profile from your website. Much love and light I wish upon you and your website. Thank you.



After being a member of this site for 3 years, my life has completely transformed because of it.  My most precious friends and allies have come through this system! 
In addition to that, 9 months ago today I had my first date with my now beloved partner.  Our lives are so unique that our compatibility is literally ONE IN A MILLION - at least. 
It is because of this site that a man from Long Island met this woman in San Diego and we are now living cutting edge lives together in a revolutionary relationship.
I love what a resource...

From Ireland to France - Souls...

Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful site where like minded spiritual people can meet...I am happy to say that I have met an amazing man - my soul mate -through your site and this meeting has completely changed both of our lives.

Destiny definitely brought us together because it was by pure coincidence that we met, but then again, we both believe that there aren't any coincidences, and that everything happens for a reason... I was looking for spiritual journeys on line when I found your site completely by accident - I had no idea that this site even existed...!...


I no longer need to have a profile available on your site as to
my complete and utter surprise I have meet someone I love without limits and the woman whom I am going to marry. I am almost shocked that I have found this absolutely amazingly wonderful person, she is the sweetest, funniest, kindest, smartest, most loving person I have EVER had the great pleasure to come across and I love her truly, madly and deeply.

We will of course send an update when that event happens but I would like to VERY MUCH thank you for making it possible through this site.

Very warm...

Awed and profoundly grateful...

I initially joined your site to "get clear" about what I wanted in a partner. Your format and essay questions assisted me tremendously to think, write and think some more about that question and the more I edited my profile, the clearer I got. Of course, following the laws of manifestation, it did not take long for the "One" to flash upon the screen as a match.
We've made the connection and in a supernova flurry of "cyber" conversations and picture/life sharing I am confident I have found the love of my life. I've never experienced anything like...

Moving to Texas!

Hi, I really enjoyed meeting spiritual people through your website, but didn't really think I would ever meet "the one" for me. After only a couple weeks I found my true love, my twin flame, my best friend! We just visited for the first time after talking and emailing for 2 months (since we live in different states) but our connection is so natural and deep that we both feel like we've known each other forever, and he is moving to Texas to be with me! I am sure we have a lifetime of joy, personal growth and harmony ahead - We are sooooo blessed! Thank you for your service! Kris

Marriage in October

Hi Joy,

Yes thank you I have met the woman of my dreams.  We are engaged and getting married October 7th of this year.  Life is grand!  :-)  Please delete my profile from your website and good luck with YOUR search.

Peace and harmony to all,

California to Colorado

I am a member of your Site (*******) and I contacted you recently to cancel my subscription after only one month on your site because I had met my mate (*********) and now want to share the success story with you:
I have met (cyberly) the beautiful, conscious, spiritual, mystical partner I have longed for during my first month on your site. My intended presently lives in Ojai, CA and I live in Boulder, CO, but our conversations from the heart have lent us to "knowing" we have both finally found what we have longed for in a partner for the rest of our spiritual...

Matching your being

Hi, and thanks for all you do to connect people.
I am creating a wonderful relationship with a very spiritual woman -- another energy healer, like me, and who shares many of my inspirations, and is open to the rest.
So, please feel free to delete my profile.
P.S.  In case you're interested, my 7 must-haves for a life partner (which she/we have met) are:
1)  Unconditional love for all beings (my highest ideal)
2)  Non-smoker (my simplest practical concern)
3)  Self-clearing (she can...

3000 Miles

Hi Joy,
Want to thank you for your great site.  I HAVE MET THE ONE!!!  We began communicating through your wonderful site, met after about one month, & during that powerful weekend we both knew this is it! 
Although we have nearly 3K physical miles between us, we are planning to come together later this yr. & as we have experienced such a deep connection during our first visit, we know we will bridge the gap & make it happen & we text msg. & speak on the phone several times on most days & the...

Moving West to be together!

Yes, I have not been on your site as I found my 'dream' man on it thanks to you. We are now moving in together.  He had sold his house just before we 'met' through your site and is heading west to be with me.


Relocating for Love

I had only been a member of your site for a day when I came across Stacey’s profile. I felt an immediate resonance, but noticed to my disappointment that she had not been active since 2005. I thought certainly she is already in a relationship. A week or so later I decided to email her anyway. A couple hours later she emailed me back saying that reading my profile had entirely shifted her reality. She included her phone number, and that evening we talked for several hours; next evening the same, when we discussed the reality of one of us flying to see the other. The third...

Married after 2 months!

Briefly, I want to let you know of a success story.
I met the most wonderful lady re: this connection.  We are without a doubt, soul mates.  After knowing each other just two months, we were married on Christmas day in Las Vegas.
Thank you so much for making this connection possible. 
Robert T

wonderful website

Dear Webmaster,
I met someone through your wonderful website after only a couple of months.
Thank you for everything.  You can print this message if you want to.

Colorado and DC to OHIO!

EsotericHealr met Digambara and we've been together since April 2005. Sold his house in Colorado, getting ready to sell mine in DC and we're buying one in Ohio.  Think he sent a testimonial once.  Please remove my EsotericHealr profile.  Thanks, Christine S

Lived close, but never would have...

The first e-mail was sent on November 30, 2006 and on April 22, 2007 we were married.  Even though we lived and worked in close proximity of each other, without your site we wouldn't have met.  We know the calendar says 5 months but our relationship to time seems to have changed.  It is not possible that we haven't known each other for decades.  Thank you!!
Our best,
Maizy and Milarepa
Mary and Joe

Perfect Harmony

Wow, thank you so much! I didn't take long... only after being a member for two weeks I found the love of my life and he found me. The universe opened up and started singing in perfect harmony… and NOW there is so much joy to be experienced and so much abundance to be shared! Although all the way on the other side of the country, love has brought us together, our lives are forever changed. And now we are starting a new life, with our two beautiful daughters and making a family. This has been such a blessing and all in perfect alignment with the Source. Hooray! I am so very grateful… Thank...

Love of my life

I would like to cancel my subscription. Through your agency I have met a man who I truly believe will be the love of my life.  It is most unlikely that we would ever have met otherwise. Like minded people are really brought together through your website. Thank you for making a meeting with this person possible.

I have advised my daughter to become a member. Once again thank you and many blessings on all of you.
Dzagbe Cudjoe

Feels like a lifetime

Thank you!  I have met an incredible person and we appear to be in complete alignment.  It has only been three weeks but it feels like a lifetime already.

Best regards,