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Blossoming Together for Years to Come

Wow! I have so much gratitude for the Conscious Dating Network as it facilitated me connecting with my BELOVED! (I was on the Spiritual Singles site, and he was on Green Singles.) It’s been two and a half years since he saw my profile and reached out to me.
I was initially hesitant given that he wasn’t local, and I didn’t want the hassle of dating long-distance. However, once we had our first phone conversation, I knew he’d be worth the drive! Over the course of our first year, we spent extended weekends together twice per month. After a year of solidifying our connection in this way, my job situation changed suddenly, and I was able to move to be with him full time.
Now we live together – sharing a lovely daily rhythm that includes frequent homemade gourmet meals, yummy snuggle sessions, dancing and laughter! Our values and lifestyles are incredibly compatible and we both love exploring in nature. Together we’ve had some amazing outdoor adventures – and have many more planned!
As our love, commitment and support of one another continues to grow, we are visioning how our lives might blossom together for many years to come. It’s so wonderful to have this as an anchor in my life!
Before I connected with Thomas, I was active on the Spiritual Singles site for two years. This was a pivotal time for me as I was in my late 40s and early 50s and had never dated before – much less dated online!
Prior to getting on the site, I had spent two years focusing on personal and spiritual growth – essentially shoring up the relationship with myself. When I started dating, I knew I wanted to put my new skills/mindsets into practice in all my dating interactions.
This intention proved to be a game changer!
While many women experience online dating as a disappointing and disempowering venture, my experience was the opposite. Instead, I continued to grow and evolve throughout the process – viewing it as its own adventure and not just a means to an end.
Some of the men I dated have become great friends. Others have provided me with opportunities for practicing boundaries and empowered communication. Throughout it all I learned so much about myself and even had lots of fun! And I ended up with a wonderful, committed, loving man in the end!
(Thomas would tell you that he also enjoyed his online dating process which involved seeing my profile right at the beginning, deciding I was “the one,” and only contacting me!)
With love and gratitude,
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