Success Stories


Australia to Washington State!

Thanks to your site, I have met my mate, my true love. We ‘met’ at the end of April and after five months of twice daily and more emails and weekend chats and phone calls, I finally travelled from Western Australia all the way to Washington state in the USA to meet him… I booked my ticket about a month after we met!!

When I walked into his arms at the airport, it just felt totally right.. I had known him forever…It’s something about his vibration … our two souls come together and create this higher vibration.. There’s something about the vibration we just thrive on.. I get really high off his vibration and he gets the same thing.. There’s an alignment there,, I never would have guessed.. this raising of vibrations, it must be a service to the planet..

Meeting this way, the ability to be totally honest and open (you have to choose to do that by the way, no pretending!) gave us an opportunity to get to know each other really, really well before we even met. We are working now on making it so we can both be together always… 
Hyeta… Heather