Success Stories


Australia to California

From Her:
I want to thank you - through your site, I met the man who was born with the wind in his hair and the starlight in his eyes - 'Angelico'. He is a creative genius: a holistic doctor, a spiritual psychiatrist, a brilliant composer of 2,200 songs, a writer of books, a shaman healer, and an inventor of a divination game. No other man shared my being so totally and repletely - we shared something primeval, strong, from the very wells of our souls, affecting us both so totally. Our peak moments together were full, we were perfectly in tune, strengthening a bond of passion and companionship, a shared endeavour welding us together in a love so encompassing. Stephanie

From Him:
And I also want to thank you for the gift of Stephanie. I had decided, with the help of your site, that I would open my heart to the right woman, no matter where she lived. And she lives in Australia and I in southern California. After 3 months of e-mails and phone calls, we had to take our relationship to the next level, spending a month together here in Cardiff, CA. We are so in tune and flowing, so compatible on countless levels. She is an angel who I totally adore and love. I wasn't really looking....when I saw her photo flash across your home page. I checked out her profile. Messages began flying back and forth quickly, and there was a powerful attraction on all levels right away. Our life and love is moving quickly, with a much longer time together later this year, and plans for Stephanie to move to California in 2013 to truly begin living our daily lives together. I am grateful to the presence your site created. It's an amazing site, and I have always felt something unique about the site. Thank you for being the vehicle of bringing us together.