Success Stories


Love in Australia!

Hi Jill,

Again my heartfelt thanks for providing such a valuable web site service. I live in Melbourne, Australia.

I met Nancy in March 2011 on your excellent web site. We are both divorced. Nearly 1 year has passed. Your website structure is very comprehensive. Your compatibility questionnaires are brilliant. I did not trust them at first, but they have proven themselves to me now. Among many other things,

Nancy is a piano teacher from Hong Kong. She gained Australian citizenship before I met her. I have grown to love her more and more in this time as I understand her more deeply. I experience her slow and quick-burn fire, her artistic capacity, her cat-like sensuousness, her quick intelligence and her endlessly loving and giving nature. I feel her powerful feminine energy and the electricity of her smooth as milk skin. I see her sensitivity with children and her respect for old people. I experience her grace, integrity and beauty.

Sure I get burnt from time to time, but I feel that a true relationship involves being as honest as possible with each other, even if there is some temporary pain. We continually encourage each other to go beyond our comfort zones (with gentleness, patience and plenty of humor of course!)

So my long long search is over. And a wonderful loving spiritual journey begins. I cannot imagine finding someone more beautiful, more authentic and more worthy of love.

Thank you.
Warm wishes and love,