Success Stories


4000 Miles Apart! Success From US to England!!!

I am so grateful.

I was celibate for almost 10 years after giving up on relationship and family. I joined a spiritual community and was determined to make a contribution on a bigger level. After 5 years of devotion and service, I felt dried up and almost dead. It seemed such a paradox to have such ecstasy in communion and spiritual development and yet physically feel that my body was withering before my eyes.

I took a bold step and chose to find my own liberation and ultimately was led to tantra. It was through a tantra practice that I met a woman (at a tantra workshop), who met a man on your web site. I wrote the link on a small piece of paper that I carried with me from june 2010 until that fateful day in feb 2011 that I wrote my profile.  With the help of your support staff, I was able to say "YES" this is what I want to project and call into my life. 

After 2 weeks of no response I received an email from a gentlemen in England -- that's 4000 miles away from me. Instantly, even before I looked at his profile, from his picture, i knew he was a soulful, kind, joyful, human being. I keep that picture with me all the time. From the first moment of our connection we continue to grow individually and together and now are in a committed relationship and are planning and visioning to live together in community, travel around the globe (!) and teach. Your world will always be foundational to our world.

Best in the new year,


P.S. I am 61 and he is 65!!!!! and we are like 20 year olds, cooing, laughing, sharing, dancing......