Success Stories


Norway to Belgium! The Hand of an Angel

I just wanted to thank you for your awesome network. Thanks to the site, I found love again.
It's actually quite wonderful how I met this sweet, gentle man on your site and how we connected so well. 

It all started when I accidentally happened to stumble on to his profile, a guy with a weird alias and a fuzzy photo and a pretty 'fuzzy' profile-text too. I left the page quite quickly as it was kind of vague. But, the next day, I found a message in my mail box from 'fuzzy guy' and found him to be very gentle, kind and enchanting.

We sent each other mail after mail and our on-line chemistry was through the roof. After about a month we decided to meet in person (he lives in Oslo, Norway and I live near Bruges, Belgium - and not by coincidence at all, the air fares to and from Oslo are less expensive than a short bus ride) and what can I say?  It was like running into a dear old loved one, we immediately connected on a very deep level.  Who would ever have thought that the guy with the 'fuzzy' photo would turn out to be my soul-mate?  I like to think it was the hand of an angel that guided me to his page.

By the way, in real life, he's not fuzzy at all, quite the contrary really, he's a summer breeze.
Thanks again for your wonderful platform that brings like-minded, like-hearted, like-souled people together...
Monsoon & Mart1 (Summer breeze)