Success Stories


US Meets Canadian Twin Flame!

Well... I am so happy to tell you that I have a success story to share after being on your site for a year.  I believe I have met my twin flame "SoulFlight" from New Hampshire.  He found me after only being on the site for three days. He contacted me at the end of August, came out to Canada to meet me two weeks ago and things just evolved from there.   I just talked to him tonight on the phone and he told me that he sent you an email to let you know that he too found his match.  I have never experienced such a connection with anyone before and have a very good feeling about our future.
I want to thank you for offering this site and making magical opportunities possible for people like ourselves to find each other.  We plan to share a testimonial with you in the future.  The relationship is still very new and we live 2600 miles apart but are making arrangements to see each other several times with the divine timing and circumstances on our side.  Long story, more on that later.  Time and the universe is on our side and situations have made it possible for us to make the time together a reality.
Thanking you again for making this a reality for many people especially myself.